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Ohai thar!

2011-09-02 18:27:16 by Jakesnke17

Man, I feel like it's been forever since my last post...er, updated status. I've been slowly but surely been finishing new songs, but...for the most part, I've been busy getting ready to move to Los Angeles...for Musician's Institute: College of Contemporary Music. Big move...I must say.

So with a schedule of...managing financial aid, making a list of things to pack, and setting up which equipment I should bring...it obviously hasn't left me with a lot of time to post new songs or remixes that I've done...for the past few months.

Fortunately...I got a little time to myself this week...and decided to start uploading new stuff. :)

So without further adieu, here's some new stuff I uploaded yesterday and the day before. :)


Surge Break : A sort of electronic based tune that explores orchestral features, fun stuff. :)

Untouched Dreams - Updated Volume Level : Another sort of electronic/orchestral based song I did for a competition a while back, figured I'd throw it up on here. :)

and lastly....

Spontaneous Winds : One last, cinematic orchestral song that I developed in two hours for yet another competition. Took some influence from Metal Gear Solid and Halo...lemme know what you guys think. :)

and...really, that's about it folks.

I'd love to hear your comments about them...otherwise, I'll see you all eventually. Thanks again, you guys. :)

Onward to Los Angeles!

Ohai thar!

"Uprising" - Jakesnke17 (DjjD)

2011-02-27 03:01:10 by Jakesnke17

Hey everyone, been a while since my last status update, but...I feel I should post this here for all to see. I just finished uploading my album to Bandcamp. I feel pretty proud of it, as it is my 2nd album...definitely a lot more refined than the first, "Technical Collision".

I put a lot of time and effort into this baby...making sure it sounds as good as possible for all of you to hear and even if ya don't feel like purchasing it, you can test drive all the songs, and there's even 5 for free. :)

"Uprising is the clash between electronic and orchestral...while Disc 1 (Songs 1-11) have a more electronic, crunchy edge...Disc 2 (Songs 12-20) have a more organic, and orchestral feel. Was a lot of fun to work on this, and I hope you all have as much fun listening as I had composing"


Link: Uprising

"Uprising" - Jakesnke17 (DjjD)

Been a looong time...

2010-12-12 21:17:18 by Jakesnke17

Man, I haven't written a post in, it's just been several months...

Anyway, with a long hiatus...comes....a lot more tunes, and I've got 2 for you guys to check out. :D

The Links.

Unknown Path - A very fun tune to work on...tried to add lots of different elements, some oriental, some a bit more electronic. In any case, what resulted was just a fun mix (especially the drums).

Chip Trip (WIP) - Was going for an advanced chiptune sound on this one, hopefully the blend of 8-bit sounds and more modern instruments worked out. Note: This is still a work in progress, due to the feedback, I've decided to go back and try to rework a few things. :D

Anyway, there they are...as always I do appreciate any feedback. Enjoy. :)

Long week...

2010-07-28 15:13:27 by Jakesnke17

Been somewhat of a long week so far...and I keep having to remind myself to update on current songs...

Anyway, there's two new songs available! Still following my rule of one composition a day...at least. One song is a bit more organized and thought out....while the other is random. :)

Showdown: A One Hour Competition, turned into a full blown boss battle between futuristic space samurais.

Thrill Ride: A rollercoaster of music, added a few effects and such...but, I think this one is just fun to listen to because it's random. :)

More music to come (as always)...later all!

Long week...

Long delay...

2010-07-19 12:06:34 by Jakesnke17

Hey all,

Been trying to work on school and other fun stuff....which means I haven't had too much time. Then again...my whole weekend was freed up...so, I decided to make "something". I think it turned out pretty cool...definitely had a lot of fun with it. Anyway, here's the link: Twisty Turn

Hope you enjoy, and be on the lookout for more. :D

Eh, to my dismay...we didn't make it into America's Got Talent with "Trash Bash". Looked on the front page of their YouTube channel...and saw that we weren't one of the Top 40 finalists. Anyway...since then I've been working on even more tracks. Trying out new styles and gaining new influence to try to emulate in my compositions. Here's the links:

Streets (Final): Gathered a few influences for this one from the Sega Genesis. Played a few games and this is what I came up with in the end. :)

Snake Dash: A first attempt to create an intense mood for a movie scene that my friend wanted to create. It is a bit repetitive near the end...but what orchestral score isn't? :P

There you have it and be on the lookout for a Trash Bash live performance...it's gonna be a blast. :D

Hey all, it's been 15 days since the last post...and I've been quite busy.

First off, I've got 2 new submissions, both are a departure from the normal electronic groove that I normally do in songs (even though...I haven't quite gotten down a style for myself). But, in any case, here are the two new song (links):

Asa-Groove - a blend of orchestral instruments (harp and marimba) with an electronic solo.

I Went Home Empty Handed - More of a sad song with an uplifting end. A few african drums and strings. :)

In other news, tomorrow's the day I finally find out if I made it into America's Got Talent for my group act, "Trash Bash". Hopefully I got into the Top 40. If not, well...you should still check out the videos if you've got the time. Here's a link to that as well: Trash Bash Videos

Anyway, wish me luck! Thanks for listening.

A change in genre...and working on America's Got Talent

Two new songs uploaded.

2010-06-12 17:37:29 by Jakesnke17

Hey all, just got a chance to sit down at my computer, relax for a bit...and then get back to work on original stuff. Anyway, I've posted 2 new songs lately...one was an original composition...the other was just a small experiment because I was bored. I think that pretty much explains it. :)

Anyway, here are the two links...and hopefully one or the other will be enjoyable. Anyway, take care all. See you in 2 wks!

Link: Super Mario Ringtone

Other link: The Trip

P.S. Awesome, right now it's a complete overcast! First time, in just about year....and it's RAINING!

Two new songs uploaded.

"Trash Bash"

2010-06-05 16:28:07 by Jakesnke17

I will say, my last post was pretty long explaining the inner workings of the trash can drum set that we assembled, so on this post I'll keep it short and just give you a link to the video, hopefully you can dig what we have to offer, and...if possible, who knows, we might just end up on America's Got Talent...I hope. :P

Anyway, here it is, enjoy...post some comments. Take care.

/* */

For the past few days, I've been working on a project with a friend. We basically put together a mixture of trash cans and professional equipment...and then PVC pipes, just to see what we could come up with. Can't say I've been near the computer lately...but, I do have a few pictures to show off. :)

Inspired by Blue Man Group

We spend hours at Ace Hardware banging on PVC pipes just to see if we could get the right sound we were looking for...and I've gotta say this thing turned out quite well. Only problem being, it's not nearly loud enough to go over trash cans and toms. Which brings me to the second picture:

The Other Half of the Setup

This is the majority of what the setup looks like. Random pots and pans, one professional tom, a high hat, 2 trash cans, and a trash can lid as a type of cymbal...and when it's all put together:

The whole shabang!

It wasn't all setup when I took the picture...but you get the main idea. Took hours of effort, and...I've got to say, this was mostly spawned from boredom. However, I'm glad we made $70 out of it because it was a blast to setup and play. Feel free to comment. :)

Gone for a bit...decided to do a bit of busking.